New And Upcoming Cannabis Companies To Invest In

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For the cannabis industry, the complexities and uncertainty surrounding the legal framework has hindered its potential growth and scared many large investors away. This is why many of the cannabis companies are young and few are in the mainstream sector. However, the business is thriving and there are great cannabis companies stock any investor who is looking to invest heavily in the cannabis sector would seriously consider. Majority of this company stock are located in countries and states which have legalized a reasonable use of cannabis such as Canada and California in the U.S. Find the best six companies (upcoming for some) which I compiled out of upcoming companies below:
  • AbbieVie (ABBV): 
This is a giant pharmaceutical company in the marijuana business with a market cap of $139.9B. The company produces and sells synthetic cannabis-based drug. Marinol is just one of the company’s elite product which alleviates nausea or vomiting for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy was approved by the FDA and is making a big difference in the market.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH): 
This is a giant in the industry and it is a U.K based pharmaceutical research, production and marketing company. The FDA approved one of its drugs sourced from active marijuana in June 2018. The company has its market cap around $3.9 Billion.
  • Axim Biotechnologies (OTC:AXIM): 
This is another of the biotech companies threatening a disruption in the stock market if its drugs get the approval to go commercial. Currently, the company have not less than 16 drugs in different stages of clinical trials. The drugs are designed to treat ailments such as opioid and smoking addiction, dry eyes and so on.
  • Kush Bottles (OTC:KSHB): 
Are you looking for a viable and stable stock specialized in providing vaporizers, packaging and branding services to cannabis manufacturers? Then Kush Bottles is a top tier firm in that aspect. It is recorded to have at least 12 facilities in the U.S and supplies major cannabis producing companies.
  • Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC): 
As one of the maiden marijuana company in Canada, Canopy Growth Coirporation has become one of the largest marijuana companies that is publicly traded. It focuses on production and marketing of medical and recreational strains. It is the company responsible for the product called “Tweed”. Its affiliation with the popular artiste turned marijuana entrepreneur -Snoop Dog, gives it the edge. It has a market cap of $6.29B. The company is an investor’s delight.

  • Namaste Technologies Inc.
Namaste Technologies Inc. is a company rapidly growing in the industry and has a huge presence in the OTC market. Based in Canada, the company specializes on electronic sale of medical marijuana. With 32 sites in 20 different countries and a distribution network opened in Toronto, Namaste technologies have seen an impressive upward turn in their stocks. It has a market cap of $440.39 million.

The companies listed in this post have great potential to any investor looking to invest either heavily or sparingly in the cannabis sector. However, the information listed above cannot be treated as a financial advice as investors must do their own research and take into consideration, other factors that could play out either favorably or otherwise.


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